About the Artist: Mica Still grew up in a small coastal town in the Pacific Northwest of United State, the home of *The Goonies*, where the art scene was dominated by seaside watercolors. She found herself immigrating to  Aotearoa/New Zealand for love in the late 90's after graduating from art school.

Since landing on Aotearoa shores she hit the ground running. She has represented herself throughout her career, showing in over 100 exhibitions. She is a mother, visual activist, art mentor, curated shows and has caught the eye of many  international collectors. Mica spent the past decade  shifting her talents to the streets gaining recognition quickly for your bold animals that dominate the urban landscape. Mica has been interviewed for many publications from Netherlands, New York to Japan and features in two documentaries featuring Aotearoa street artists.

Mica’s work, with its radiant colour and optical punch, howling tigers, wolves, guardians and naughty bits – is alive with daring, yet refreshingly sensitive. Her work is from the heart, reflective, playful and honest 

Mica asks you to take a second look and enjoy the ride.