Digital Awesome Pet Face

$95.00 - $150.00
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Digital Awesome Pet Face

You will receive an original digital Mica portrait drawing of your awesome pet face.

Open for Christmas 2021 orders!
You will receive a A4 pdf file of a digital drawing - ( You will need to print yourself

Please READ instruction- and email me after you order.

$95 for one pet Portrait (price discounted for limited time)

$10 from each order will go to HuHa ( orders made from now till Dec 20th 2021)

Helping you help animals (HUHA) is dedicated to teaching empathy to the community and providing shelter for those less fortunate animals that struggle to survive in today’s disposable culture. The sanctuary is fun and interactive in many ways, designed to encourage our community to be proactive and take responsibility for the welfare of animals and the protection of our unique environment. HUHA actively works everyday to find homes and foster care for a multitude of homeless, abandoned, seized and abused animals. We’re here to help you help animals.

TEXT ‘HUHA‘ TO 4463 TO DONATE $3 ( NZ based)

Terms and conditions:

What I need from you:
A photograph of your pet -mostly the head please EYE LEVEL NOT FROM LOOKING DOWN AT YOUR PET. I can send you an example

***Important that photo is not blurry, side view is ok. I USE WHAT YOU SEND ME AS REFERENCE SO SEND IMAGES YOU LIKE

***I like to see the eye if possible- help to capture their personality
***Tell me what is the colour of their eyes if it is not clear in photo

*** My work is NOT about creating a direct copy of your pet but capturing the essences of your lovely pets. I use bright playful colours. If you have a colour you want for the back ground let me know (digital only)

++Allow TWO WEEKS to be email from the time I receive the pet's photograph. I will advise you if there are delays.

Question Welcomed- cheers Mica

All donation will be made on Christmas day!