Digital Awesome Pet Face

On sale
Digital Awesome Pet Face

You will receive an original digital Mica portrait drawing of your awesome pet face.

You will receive a A4 pdf file of a digital drawing - ( You will need to print yourself)

Please READ instruction- and email me after you order.
EMAIL IMAGE and NOTES to: [email protected]

$100 for one pet Portrait

TEXT ‘HUHA‘ TO 4463 TO DONATE $3 (NZ based)

Terms and conditions:

What I need from you:
A photograph of your pet -mostly the head please EYE LEVEL NOT FROM LOOKING DOWN AT YOUR PET. I can send you an example

***Important that photo is not blurry, side view is ok. I USE WHAT YOU SEND ME AS REFERENCE SO SEND IMAGES YOU LIKE

***I like to see the eye if possible- help to capture their personality
***Tell me what is the colour of their eyes if it is not clear in photo

*** My work is NOT about creating a direct copy of your pet but capturing the essences of your lovely pets. I use bright playful colours. If you have a colour you want for the back ground let me know (digital only)

++Allow TWO WEEKS to be email from the time I receive the pet's photograph. I will advise you if there are delays.

Question Welcomed- cheers Mica